If you're concerned ​about where to go on ​your Shidduch date, look ​no further! We have ​compiled a list of highly ​recommended locations ​in London for the finest ​dating experience.


In response to the community's request ​for more Shidduch dating spots in ​London, we have created a list of the best ​locations as suggested by visitors who ​have already been to these places.

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Outdoor​ Date

Discover the ideal location for your ​romantic outdoor date with our selection ​of scenic parks and other picturesque ​settings. Plan the perfect outing with ease ​and create lasting memories.

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First Date Jitters

Are you searching for the perfect location to plan a ​memorable first date? We offer a wide range of options, ​from cozy bars to elegant restaurants, to help you plan a ​perfect outing.

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Just a Date

The 'Just a Date' service offers a wide range of ​locations for all types of dates. From cozy coffee ​shops to romantic restaurants, our service helps ​you plan the perfect outing no matter the occasion

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If you group your ​elements together ​they'll stay together ​in mobile view

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If you're tired of just chatting and want ​to get active on your date, check out ​our list of fun date ideas. From ping ​pong to rock climbing walls, our ​comprehensive list offers something ​for everyone.


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Are bars not for you? Below is a list of ​many hotel lobbys that are nice and cozy.

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Easily Reachable

Fed up of driving to your ​dates? Fancy taking public ​transport?

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